Martha Graham

2020, Dancer: Eleanor Freeman, Rheinballett. Hommage to Martha Graham, Location: Cologne

Personal work. Eleanor Freeman, a former Rheinballet Düsseldorf ballerina performs in Martha Graham style.

ballet of difference

2019, Richard Siegal & ballet of difference. Ensemble- and portrait photos, Location: Probebühne Schauspiel Köln.

Protraits and group photos of the dancers of Richard Siegals ballet of difference in 2019.

A models day

2018, Model: Serena, HMUA: Athina, Location: Studio, Bonn

1 day, 4 sets, 1 sedcard. I use only one light for all photos.

Two Girls

2018: Model: Serena + Athina, MUA: Athina, Location: Botanischer Garten Bonn

Editorial. Available light at beautiful botanical garden Bonn.


2018, Dancers: Louisa Paterson, Daniel Ojeda. Special guest: Arnold Schwarzenegger,Location: Studio Nela König, Berlin

Personal project. A boy meets girl story in 21 pictures. Both were educated at John Cranko school in Stuttgart.
After her career as a professional ballerina Louisa is owner, founder and educator at Train like a ballerina , an online strength & flexibility training taught by leading ballerinas, teachers & trainers (
Daniel works as a dancer at Komische Oper Berlin and is also a professional model.

Hommage Schatzberg

2017, Model: Sarah, HMUA: Barbara, Location: Studio, Bonn

A small non-dance project Inspired by the works of Jerry Schatzberg with Edie Sedgwick, New York 1966.

Projekt Shufu

2017, Model: Sarah, HMUA: Barbara, Location Studio, Bonn

Another small non-dance, advertisung project. Shufu is japanese and means housewife.